Meet Ed Shiang, Board Co-Chair

I joined the Board last year and I love it. Why? Besides meeting dedicated neighbors and increasing my feeling of of the main reasons to be honest is....I feel there is no pressure to do anything. Yes, I try to show up at a 2 hour meeting every month and I do initiate things...but that's it. I can do whatever I want on my time...when I have time. Oh - and there is support within the Board and Community and even the city of Portland for my favorite ideas, which is very cool. What are my favorite ideas for this year? I'd have to say...a dog park, neighbors entertaining neighbors, skill sharing, pot lucks, entrepreneur club, neighbor happy hour, and the Last Wednesday Social. Speaking of the Last Wednesday Social! January 28th, from 7-9 PM Tesoaria Wine Bar (4002 N Williams). 15% will be donated to the Boise Neighborhood AssociationCome on down for some great wine and donate to a great cause. And - I am charged with recruiting 4 new board members this I said, it's fun to be involved, so feel free to email me about this or any idea or come to the social and let's meet!

Thanks! Ed Shiang -