2019 MEETINGS -- All are welcome!

2nd Mondays - General or Board Meeting (alternates every other month)

Even months = Board meetings, Odd months = General meetings. Board meetings have internal board business agendas, and General meetings have pre-advertised agendas more applicable and interesting to all neighbors.

4th Mondays - Land Use and Transportation Committee (LUTC) Meeting

All BNA meetings are 7-9 pm at the Q Center

Sept 9 General - Board elections!

Video, presentation and discussion with architectural student and form Boise sustainability intern Cheryl Leontina on building tiny homes for the homeless.

  • Presentation from Kevin Cooper, K&C Custom Homes LLC on development proposal at 3516 N Haight: 6 unit townhouse, 2 stories, no parking. Each unit 1,000 SF, 2BR, 2.5 Bath. Using the bonus amenity density overlay.

  • Board elections - ALL members can vote and run for a seat (read Bylaws and info below for details)

Board Elections
Who can vote in this election? Who can run?
The bylaws define neighborhood association membership as:

a) Persons whose legal domicile (renter or homeowner) is within the Boise Neighborhood boundaries and who, except for temporary absences actually resides and maintains a residence within the legal boundaries as specified in Article 1.
b) The owners of real property or one representative of owners of real property.
c) Any business license holders or one designated representative of a business located in the neighborhood.

d) One representative from any nonprofit, school, church or other legal or civic organization located with Boise boundaries.
The bylaws also state that you should have attended at least two meetings in the previous 12 months (either general, board or Land Use). This just demonstrates interest and commitment (but we've made exceptions).

Some of the work we've done together over the last few years as the BNA and as individuals:

  • Held affordable, donation-based neighborhood waste collection/recycling/reuse events, and litter pickup events

  • Held compassionate discussions with experts on issues of houselessness and what we could do about it

  • Helped move historic homes to new locations so they wouldn't be demolished

  • Started a Neighborhood Emergency Team to train and prepare for helping each other during emergencies and disasters

  • Gave a small seed grant to the Boise-Eliot native grove project on neglected PBOT land that helped them gain BES and PBOT attention, in addition to other grant opportunities

  • Held a gentrification documentary screening and filmmaker discussion

  • Held many architects and developers accountable to our neighborhood Design Guidelines while still encouraging density and affordability

  • Helped encourage the City remove unfair fines from a historic African American community center so they could enable food cart revenue and retain economic stability.

  • Hosted PSU student internships on community-building sustainability projects

  • Hosted free BBQs and ice cream socials

The BNA board could really use more neighborhood participation, diverse representation, and leadership. We are seeking a new Chair in particular. Our neighborhood has grown and changed enormously in the past several years but Board and Committee participation has remained low. The BNA no longer is able to coordinate the kinds of events, projects and initiatives we used to. Whether you are a long-time resident, or a relative newcomer, we would LOVE to see more neighbors become involved!
To learn more about our history, Bylaws, past projects, and more check out http://bnapdx.com. We encourage you to reach out with questions to boisena@gmail.com. If you're interested, let's chat!

Mon Sep 23rd Land Use & Transportation Committee Meeting: No agenda yet.

Oct - Board

Nov - General

Dec - Board