Mississippi Ave. Litter Pickup

The weather is starting to warm up. Let's get back out there and make sure we're leaving this place better than we found it. Grab a bag, a pokin' stick and a pal and clean up some litter! 

Bring your own gloves, a plastic bucket and a couple trash bags. Please state below what you'll bring. We'll need to separate trash, recyclables, and compost. I'll also bring some smaller compostable bags for picking up dog waste.

Let's start at the Albina Triangle Park, where Mississippi turns into Albina at Prescott, and work our way towards Fremont. We can drop off trash and recyclables at my house at Missouri and Beech, then go for beers at Stormbreaker Brewing.

The goal of this event is not just street beautification, but meeting neighbors of all kinds and feeling pride and a level of ownership and comfort in our shared space.

RSVP! https://www.facebook.com/events/1029931603814542/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular

This is part of a critical mass global initiative through the Facebook group,Give a Shit about Nature. Thanks for the idea and for all you do!