Boise Neighborhood Design Guidelines

Since the beginning of the year, the LUTC Committee has been hard at work developing Design Guidelines for our neighborhood as noted in this Oregonian Article from March 13th. 

The Boise Neighborhood Association's Design Guidelines address the physical characteristics and impacts of primarily new larger commercial and residential projects in Boise. The focus is on the community experience with the development as well as the future resident’s and/or tenant’s.

This is the first working draft of a document that is the result of 5 meetings and input from 15 Boise interested members.  Response and input will be solicited at the July 8th Boise Neighborhood Association general meeting. 

The current draft can be found here, as well as on the main site under the Document heading. 

Thank you, 

Stephen Gomez, LUTC Chair
Diana Moosman, LUTC Vice Chair