What does the Boise Neighborhood Association do?

The Association is made up of its members, which include everyone who lives and works in the neighborhood. Members are able to be elected or appointed to the board, but being on the board is just one way to serve in your community. Anyone can work on a project, volunteer, or start a committee. Anyone can organize a volunteer event or throw a block party. Whether the board chooses to endorse or support the project, committee, or event would be decided by vote at a neighborhood or LUTC meeting. 

At meetings, association members and board members discuss neighborhood issues and decide how to act in a way that represents the association. Sometimes they form committees to work on a particular issue, such as affordable housing, parking, or beautification. Sometimes they vote to write a letter of support on an issue or for a certain organization.

Bylaws - updated May 2016

Value Statement  - adopted May 2016

Monthly Meetings


The Board of Directors shall be the governing body of the Association and exercise control of the affairs, funds and property of the Association. The affairs of Boise Neighborhood Association shall be managed by the board in the interim between general meetings. The board shall be accountable to the General Membership; shall actively seek the input of those affected by any proposed policies or actions, when possible, before adopting any recommendation on behalf of Boise Neighborhood Association; and shall strictly comply with these bylaws.

2019 BOARD

  1. Kay Newell, At Large

  2. Karis Stoudamire-Phillips, Treasurer

  3. Katy Wolf, Communications Chair, Secretary