Land Use and Transportation Committee

The Land Use and Transportation Committee serves as a forum for the discussion and evaluation of land use and transportation development that affects the Boise Neighborhood. The Committee may also take a position in favor or in opposition to issues that effect the short and long term livability of the neighborhood. 

Committee meetings are held on the 4th Monday of each month from 7-9 pm at the Q Center. The public is welcome and encouraged to participate.  Check our calendar page and our Facebook for details of each month's meeting and agenda.

Committee members are: 

  1. David de la Rocha (Chair)
  2. Sarah Cantine
  3. Christopher Davies
  4. Owen Gabbert
  5. Sebastien Mistouflet
  6. Kay Newell
  7. Stacee Wion
  8. Katy Wolf

Meeting Minutes

July 2017

June 2017

April 2017

March 2017

February 2017

January 2017

November 2016

October 2016

September 2016 

- updated 4073 N. Williams (William/Kaven) renderings here

August 2016

July 2016

June 2016 - presentation notes from Beech-Failing Alley project manager Melinda Matson here

May 2016

Transportation Project Information

North Rodney Greenway: a letter to the Portland Bureau of Transportation commenting on the June 2015 draft greenway recommendation can be found here.

North Williams Traffic Operations Safety Project: this project is now funded, planning begins in early 2014 and implementation summer of 2014.  Click here for the project Final Report.

Parking Study along and around N Mississippi Avenue:  the City of Portland will conduct a parking utilization and turnover study in the first quarter of 2015.  Possible outcomes include a recommendation to City Council on new parking management tools for neighborhoods--like Boise--impacted by growth and density.  This planning document provides some background.


Boise Neighborhood Design Guidelines: click here for document



Short Term Rental Tracker

The City requires owners to report these to the neighborhood association. We are sharing that information, which includes the owner’s name and phone number. It can be helpful for neighbors to be are aware and understand why they're seeing impacts, such as parking or new/different people often. This doc is editable by all - feel free to help us track these. 


Letter of support for Marathon Development Mixed-Use Limited Tax Exemption grant application--This letter supports an affordable housing grant which could bring 57 affordable apartment units to Boise within two years.

Mississippi Avenue Parking Study by PBOT--presented to Boise June 22nd 2015, conducted April 8th, 2015.  Click here for meeting presentation.

Affordable Housing Statement: Adopted April 13th 2015. click here for document.

Development Projects and response letters (click on links for each project)

1/19/17 Letter to PBOT re: Alley paving policy

Carbon 12: preliminary design package for Ben Kaiser's project on the southeast corner of N Williams and Fremont. Click here for design package.

Marathon Development: initial design for a 55-unit mixed use apartment and retail building at the southeast corner of Mississippi and Fremont.   Click here for design as of 11/7/14. Click here for BNA response to presentation of this project at 11/10/14 public meeting.

Marathon Development: initial design for a 79-unit apartment building at Cook and Albina Streets.  Click here for design as of 11/7/14. 

Marathon Development: initial design for a 92-unit mixed use apartment and retail building at the southeast corner of N Vancouver and Shaver Street.  Click here for the design as of 11/21/14.

Marathon Development: initial design for a 51-unit mixed use apartment and retail building at the northeast corner of N Vancouver and Shaver Street.  Click here for the design as of 11/21/14

Security Properties North Williams Mixed Use Project at former OAME site 4134 N Vancouver.

Click here for 9/23/13 project design. Click here for Boise LUTC response to Security project plan of 9/23/13. Click here for Boise LUTC site plan referenced in 10/14/13 response letter.

Click here for 3/18/14 Boise letter to City of Portland responding to March 7th Type II proposal notice regarding Security Properties project at 4134 N Vancouver (former OAME site).

Click here for June 2014 revised project designs of Security Properties N Williams Mixed Use project at OAME site

Click here for final project design of what is now called the "Peleton."

One North (Radiator and former FreWill Dock).  Location at Fremont bounded by Williams and Vancouver.

Click here for 7/31/13 response to One North presentation.

Click here for 11/20/13 response to One North presentation.

Click here for 12/04/13 response by Karuna LLC to Boise letter

The Aleta at the southeast corner of North Williams and NE Fremont: click here for the Boise LUTC letter to the Portland City Council regarding the re-zoning and proposed height of this project.

Development at MLK Boulevard and Alberta Street (King Neighborhood).  The Boise NA has commented on this Majestic Realty development with a letter to the City of Portland and project team.  Click here for the letter of 10/30/14.