Fargo Row Lot Project

Project coordinators: Jason Mercury (mercury.j@gmail.com) and Katy Wolf (katyewolf@gmail.com)


Our plan is to adopt the land, manage the landscaping and lawn maintenance, and activate it as a community space. There are a number of opportunities here; possible community garden, public park space, dog play area, movie nights. 

Separately, Jason is also working with PBOT to paint a mural on the adjacent Albina PBOT yard wall. 


  • Did you know Prince donated $10,000 to start a community garden here in the 90s? Read the story.
  • The site currently has no water hookup.
  • The site is used informally as a dog park already, but it has no fence or trash cans.
  • Between 2000 and 2009, there were 9 nuisance violation permits issued.
  • Mowing is done inconsistently by ODOT, and the slack is picked up by neighbors who use the site as a dog play area.
  • Site is currently zoned R1 Residential.
  • Site is 0.04 acres.


*PBOT plans to re-design the Kerby and Albina Yards in the next few years, and would likely use this parcel. But the property is still in ODOT's hands, basically on hold until PBOT moves forward with their project.

4/2/17: Jason and Katy are seeking to get clarity on plans for the land from ODOT and PBOT. PBOT may want to buy the land for their Kerby Yard redesign in a few years. 

7/19/16: Jason's application was cancelled. ODOT declared the land "surplus" which means it's no longer "adoptable"; it is "sellable". 

6/22/16: Jason's application to ODOT to adopt the land was accepted. 

May 2016: BNA Letter of Support