Fargo Row Lot Project

Project managers: Jason Mercury (mercury.j@gmail.com) and Katy Wolf (katyewolf@gmail.com)


The property was recently sold by ODOT to the City of Portland. Our plan is to adopt the land, manage the landscaping and lawn maintenance, and activate it as a community space. There are a number of opportunities here; possible community garden, public park space, dog play area, movie nights. 

Separately, Jason is also working with PBOT to paint a mural on the adjacent Albina PBOT yard wall. 


Did you know Prince donated $10,000 to start a community garden here in the 90s? Read the story.

The site currently has no water hookup.


7/19/16: ODOT sold the land to the City of Portland. We are endeavoring to find out what the plans are for the site and who to talk to in the City.

6/22/16: Jason's application to ODOT to adopt the land was accepted.