How to Get Involved

Want to be a neighborhood volunteer, lead or join a project/activity?  It's simple to get started.  Simply email one of our mentors or coordinators and he or she will be happy to email, talk and meet with you to give you a rundown of how you can best accomplish your objective and get involved.

Current Volunteer/Project/Activity Mentors:

Ed Shiang.jpg

Ed Shiang:  Ed lives near Kerby/Beech, loves the accepting nature of Portland in general, and wants to get as many activities and projects going in our neighborhood as possible mainly to bring neighbors together.  He is Co-Director of the Board and also serves on the Social Committee.

Katy in Astoria.jpg

Katy Wolf: Katy lives near Missouri and Beech. She is interested in finding projects that serve the community's needs and in recruiting people to help out in these projects. She is interested in beautification, shared green space, art, diversity, and permaculture. She is currently Secretary, Communications Chair, Safety and Livability Chair, and a member of the Social Committee.

Current Projects:

  • "Dog park": Finding an unused plot of land in the neighborhood, possibly owned by ODOT or Parks, for community members to turn into usable space for community members and pets. Might include signage, fencing, benches, and plants. Coordinator: Nate Gibson
  • Sidewalk trash cans on Mississippi and Williams Avenues (in coordination with respective business associations): Design requirements and background document complete. Phase 1 (Miss. only): Consolidate remaining intact trash can pieces and redistribute, renew business sponsorship/adoption, renew insurance, pay for additional weekly pickup through new memberships. Phase 2: Work with a college design class or design firm to submit design ideas for new trash cans which have recycling component. An oversight committee will facilitate the process. Coordinator: Katy Wolf
  • Alleyway cleanup and beautification: With support from an intern from Portland State University's Institute for Sustainable Solutions, will identify alleyways that can provide additional green space for community use. Will cleanup and beautify certain alleyways with agreement from neighbors, by adding art, lighting, and plants. Will have work/planting parties and other fun events (walks, bike rides, parties) to activate the space. Coordinator: Katy Wolf
  • Ecliptic Brewing Mural: In the process of determining process and costs. Idea is to create a mural with community input that reflects the history and memories of the neighborhood. Coordinator: Katy Wolf