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Goat Walk

Fun for the whole family! Join us on a walk through Boise's alleys with Dan and his goats from Sullivan's Gulch. (These goats are kinda famous, you may have seen them around).

Check out the tentative Goat Walk route - starting at Unthank Park and ending at the Tire Swing Lot.

Goat-related treats will be provided (like goat cheese). It's smart to bring your own water and hand sanitizer.

Do you have a lot of blackberry brambles or other weeds growing in your alley? Would you like to invite goats to come and graze? We will add your alley to our goat walk! Let me know!

Help Plan the Event!
Items we need:
-Little red wagon to haul a waste can for goat droppings
-Whisk broom and dust pan to pick up droppings
-Sanitizer for hand washing
-Bucket of Water stationed at alley points along the way for thirty goats
-Goat Crossing sign (to signal traffic as we cross from one alley to the next
-Help advertise the event--online news, tweeting, posters
-Treats for people and for goats for our picnic at Noon