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Clean Slate: Mississippi Ave. Cleanup

I bought myself two of the nerdiest Christmas presents ever this year and I'm itching to use them.. a staple gun, and a trash grabber! Here's why I bought them and why I need your help!

Our telephone poles on Mississippi are caked in posters, and PGE doesn't have the resources to clean them up. Thick, warped layers of posters are an eyesore and rot the wooden pole underneath. Since occasionally it's nice to be able to post our own posters there for neighborhood events, we might as well step up as a community and clean them off. We can use my staple gun if we want to put any of them back up. I'm also hoping to have a new "Get Involved in Your Community" poster made by then that we might be able to put up. 
CLEANUP TASK: Rip off those old posters and recycle em!

Another thing that needs doin' is getting out the nasty trash that is trapped between the trash can liners and trash cans themselves. Cloudburst Recycling, our free hauler, has asked if the community can do this because they do not. I've been waiting til I had the right tool for this job since I don't want to fall in! The trashes are emptied on Fridays, so this is the best time of the week to do this.
CLEANUP TASK: Take out liners and fish out the trash below. Recycle anything that can be, trash the rest.

WHERE: Meet at Lot 13 by Fresh Pot at 9 am. This will go faster the more people we have, but I estimate it will take 1-1.5 hours.
BRING: Gardening gloves, trash bags, exacto knife for cutting posters (if you want)

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Contact: Katy Wolf - Sustainable Mississippi, Boise Neighborhood Association

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