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Land Use and Transportation Committee meeting

We have our next Land Use and Transportation Committee meeting June 23rd and will review two new developments in our community.

Date & Time: Monday June 23rd from 7:00-9:00PM

Location: The Q Center - 4115 N. Mississippi Ave. (at Mason)


7:00 Introductions

7:05 Consent Agenda: committee approval of past meeting minutes

7:08 New apartment project at 4000 N Vancouver (at Shaver) by VWR Development and TVA Architects 

8:05 New apartment project at N Williams at Fargo by Solterra Systems. Though not located in Boise the developer of this nearby project has requested the opportunity to discuss their project.

8:35 Parking in Boise and nearby neighborhoods--we will discuss the formation of a committee to explore potential long-term solutions to parking in our community. We are looking for volunteers to work on this project. A proposal framework was recently adopted by the Boise NA Board and will be presented at the meeting.

We thank you for your interest and participation.