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Boise Land Use and Transportation Committee


Dear Neighbors,

We have our monthly Boise Neighborhood Land Use and Transportation Committee meeting this coming Monday. The public is welcome and encouraged to participate.

Date & Time: Monday April 28th from 7:00-8:30PM

Location: The Q Center - 4115 N. Mississippi Ave.


7:00 Introductions and Agenda Overview

7:05 Development at North Williams/Vancouver and Fremont: several large construction projects are underway in this area. Owen Gabbert with Karuna LLC ( will lead a discussion regarding:

姫ossible creating of a Local Improvement District (LID) to fund a traffic signal at Vancouver and Cook. The LID may also underground the power lines in this corridor
謬he Karuna projects will be installing new signal lights at the intersections of Williams and Vancouver on Fremont . Share what type of issues you see at these busy intersections.

8pm-City parking programs for handicap residential parking. Also a discussion of possible ways to restore currently unusable off-street parking.

8:30 Adjourn

We thank you for your interest and participation!


Caroline Dao - Board Chair
Stephen Gomez - LUTC and Board Vice Chair