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Combined BNA general association and Land Use and Transportation Committee meeting

Location: Q Center 4115 N Mississippi (at Mason)

7pm Introductions

7:10 Public Comment

7:20 Committee updates.  SALT (15).  Treasurer report 5?  Communication 5  LUTC 5  

7:50  Historic Preservation and Lot Divisions.  Recent and proposed lot divisions suggest a conversation to hear perspectives regarding what does the BNA prefer to see as outcomes of lot divisions?  What does the BNA want to see regarding historic homes impacted by development?  Two proposed lot divisions will be discussed:

3519 N Albina:

3614 NE Rodney:

8:20 Trader Joe's--Learnings and Perspectives.  What do you think about the recent development regarding  the City owned lot on MLK at Alberta targeted to be developed for a Trader Joes and small businesses?  What questions do you have about this project?