BNA Small Grants Program 2017

For 2017, the Boise Neighborhood Association (BNA) is pleased to offer 4 grants of $500 to benefit and enhance the neighborhood. The BNA strives to represent the interests of all those living or working in the Boise neighborhood.


Grant Applications Available: March 22, 2017

Grant Applications Deadline: April 26, 2017

Awards Announced: May 3, 2017

Grant Winner Presentations: May 8, 2017 (BNA meeting)

Projects must be completed no later than: March 1, 2018

Final report and documentation due: April 1, 2018

Project Criteria

Four applicants will receive $500. Applicants must reside in or work within the Boise neighborhood boundaries.
To be considered for funding, project proposals should describe clearly how the project will reflect the values of the Boise Neighborhood. BNA board members are not eligible to apply for grants for which they would be listed as the project lead. Projects should strive to achieve one or more of the following: involve and engage the community; increase the number and diversity of people who are involved and engaged in our neighborhood; strengthen capacity to build community cohesion, skills, relationships and partnerships; preservation or enhancement of natural or public areas; address environmental sustainability; build capacity for local food production, emergency preparedness or community resilience; social and economic equity and inclusion.


Over the years, we have heard numerous examples of ways our community members are enhancing our neighborhood. Past projects include: Alley beautification, sponsoring murals, building/ restoring a community garden, organizing block parties, enhancing open space with native plants.

Application Instructions

Submit applications by email to:

Applications will be reviewed by the BNA Board. Applicants may be contacted during the review process for additional information. Applications will be evaluated on potential impact, fit with grant program goals, project feasibility and budget, and inspiring qualities. Additional consideration will be given to projects that involve or engage historically under-represented and under-served communities.

Please use this format to describe your project: (5 pages max)

  1. Project Title: A brief descriptive title for your proposed project.

    1. Project Applicant/Contact Name: The name of the primary contact person for the application and grant administration.

    2. Phone: The contact person’s telephone number.

    3. Email: The contact person’s email address.

    4. Mailing Address: The contact person’s mailing address.

    5. Project Summary (50 words summary)

  2. Project description, goals, and anticipated outcomes: A detailed description of your project’s scope, design and components. Include any relevant project background information, such as how the need for the project was identified and how it ties into the BNA value statement.

  3. Group Capacity: Describe your group’s qualifications for carrying out this project. Include any specific skills, resources, and partnerships that will help complete the project.

  4. Grant Funds: Describe how budget items are required to complete your project.

  5. Promotion: Describe your group’s plan to get the word out about your project.

  6. Timeline: Provide a timeline for your project. Include your expected start and completion dates, and any project milestones.

Reporting Requirements

Final Report including:

  • One page end-of-project evaluation

  • Expense report

  • At least one photograph (preferably in electronic format) of your project activities